Stop wasting time on keyword research and keyword analysis.

We're here to make keyword research and keyword analysis as simple as possible.

You find a list of keywords, and we'll figure out precisely which keywords to target to get the best return on your time, effort and money.

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Keyword Project Manager
Keyword Project Manager Process

Add Keywords

Create a keyword pool and add an unlimited number of keywords.

Import keywords from the Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

Use the keyword research tools to find long tail keywords that other tools won't show you.

Analyze Keywords

Analyze keyword competition to identify keywords that are easier to rank for.

Analyze keyword competition.

  • Page Rank (PR)
  • Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI)
  • Search Engine Competition (SEOC)

Target Keywords

Filter keywords by search market, competition, and keyword phrase with 12 different criteria to find the perfect keywords to target on your website.

Organize keywords using groups to effectively target not one, but dozens of related keyword phrases.

What is Keyword Project Manager?

Keyword Project Manager is a keyword management tool, a keyword research tool, and a keyword analysis tool - designed to greatly reduce the time, effort, and money finding which keywords to target.

Keyword Project Manager Features

  • Analyze Keyword Competition

    Analyze Page Rank, KEI, and Search Engine Competition.

  • Keyword Research Tools

    Using the keyword research tools, you can find long tail keywords used on Google and Amazon that other tools won't show you.

  • Keyword Management

    Easliy manage thousands of keywords using keyword pools.

  • 12 Keyword Filters

    Filter keywords by search market, competition, and keywords to find long tail keywords or low competition keywords.

  • Group keywords for easy keyword management

    Assign one or more groups to keywords to effectively target not one, but dozens of related keyword phrases.

  • Import keywords from Google AdWords Keyword Planner

    Quicly import multiple csv files at the same time using the import keywords feature.

What our customers are saying...

Before Keyword Project Manager, I had to spend hours trying to find keywords manually, now I can spend minutes finding hundreds of longtail keywords.

William T.

Never again do I have to guess how competitive a keyword market is. By using the keyword analysis tool, I know exactly whether or not I can compete.

Nancy Ikerson

I have used a lot of other tools and this one it definitely a must for any serious internet marketer.

Larry Bennit

Using Keyword Project Manager has been invaluable for my small marketing business and helping my customers with their marketing campaigns.

Matthew R.

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